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Enchanted Balloon Party and Event Decors

Let us add the beauty and fun of specialty balloon to your party

What are specialty Balloons?

Specialty Balloons are different from the standard bunch of balloons. They're wonderful and unusual, they're designed,creative, sometimes wacky, but never, ever, plain old boring balloons. 

How long do balloons last longer?

It depends. As in life, some of the most beautiful things fade quickly. One of the great things about our design balloons is that some of them will still be filled weeks after been made. 

How can I made my balloons last longer?

Balloons are like ice cream. Sometimes they're best enjoyed outdoors, but they don't last as long in direct sunlight. Keep your balloons cool and away from direct sunlight and they'll last longest.

What if some balloons pop?

We always include extra free of charge. If you have a really serious popping event give us a call. (Never happen to any of our jobs) 

How far in advance should I place an order?

We generally recommend placing orders at least 2 month in advance to ensure availability, especially bigger designed events. However, we may be able to provide balloon bouquets, some other balloons design or linen rental, next day for the last minute depending on transit times and availability. 

Can I get someone in person to help setup my event?

Enchanted Balloons serves the greater Miami to Palm Beach County for on site installation and cleanup. We can arrange this service for an additional charge. Please submit a quote request online or call us to make arrangements.