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Enchanted Balloon Party and Event Decors

Let us add the beauty and fun of specialty balloon to your party

Balloon Bouquet Service

Whether you need a gorgeous bouquet with a custom message for your loved one to celebrate an event in your life such as an engagement or anniversary, or you want to give your Valentine the most unforgettable and stunning balloon bouquet ever, we are the ones to call!  

Our bouquet arrangements will not only create a huge wow factor, but they can set the tone for the event! Festive, colorful, or romantic and whimsical, we can create any custom bouquet. The best thing about our one of a kind balloon bouquets are that they can also serve as a centerpiece or backdrop for your event. Photos will be epic with our stand out pieces and bouquets. Combine your bouquet with any custom message! Call us today for a free quote on our balloon bouquet services, for anywhere in the South Florida area! We can create them ahead of time for you to pick up, or we can come to where your party is to set up as many bouquets as you need. 

2020 Graduation Balloon Bouquet

Baby Shower Balloon Bouquet

Baby, Cloud and Airplane

LOL Bouquet

20 Graduation

Clouds Balloon Bouquet

Happy Grad Balloon Bouquet

Star Wars Balloon Bouquet

50th Celebration Balloon Bouquet

I love You Balloon Bouquet

Lucille Balloon Bouquet

Easter Bunny Balloons

Single Number Balloon Bouquet

Tennis Balloon Bouquet

Girly Turquoise Balloon Bouquet

Double Number Balloon Bouquet

Football Balloon Bouquet